Tori Kelly Exclusive Interview With CEEK VR!


A little over three years ago, a new singer-songwriter burst onto the scene and was immediately greeted with open arms. That musician, Tori Kelly, instantly became a beloved figure thanks to her incredible voice, the positive message she sang about in her songs, the fact that she had her hand in every part of her own music (she wrote it, co-produced, played the guitar, and sang it), and she has a wholesome look and attitude that separates her from so many other pop stars.

Her debut album Unbreakable Smile (there’s that positivity again) went all the way to No. 2, she scored a handful of Hot 100 hits off of it, and she even ended up being nominated for the Best New Artist Grammy. All of that means she was successful from the get-go...but it also means expectations are high for the next project.