TLC’s Chilli Interview With CEEK VR!

TLC’s Chilli Interview With CEEK VR!


After 25 years together, TLC released what they called their final album in 2017...but that doesn’t mean they’re done. This summer, the duo is headed out on tour once again with Nelly and Flo Rida (tickets are being offered for just $20 now as part of a limited time deal), and they might have more unheard cuts to share with fans at some point soon.


We spoke with TLC’s Chilli about the music fans might hear soon and what else they have coming up.


The TLC album, you guys said that was your last. How did it feel closing that chapter of your career?

Chilli: I think it was amazing to have our fans, because we always involve our fans with what we do musically, music-wise, to have them involved with this last album. But it's not the last time we're going to make music. That is not the case. But an album itself... Because albums just sadly don't sell like they used to, I don't care who you are.


I have to say country music fans, they've been consistent. It hasn't been a real switch for them, I don't think. But for everybody else, it's different. What is considered very successful now would have totally been a failure 20 years ago.


With that being said, it's just all about evolution and everything evolves, and either you go with the flow or you don't. I think the way people can put music out now is amazing. You don't always have to be signed to a label. It has its ups and downs, but there's definitely a lot of positives with how everything has evolved.


Any chance fans might hear some of that before your upcoming tour?

Chilli: No. Probably right after. But we're definitely going to make new music. It could be a soundtrack, it could be a whatever, but we're definitely excited because we love making music, so it's hard to just put that down, especially when you have the love for it still. To just kind of put it in a closet and put a lock on the door.


If you guys are going that route, do you ever have an interest in doing solo material of your own?

Chilli: If it makes sense. We do solo stuff all the time, like TV. We're never not going to be in this group. We're definitely open, but, again, with us stuff can't feel forced, which is why we never had a lot of features. Just because a person is the hottest right now, we’re not like "Ooh, let's do a song." It's like, "But it doesn't make sense."


That kind of stuff is very important to me. I don't like to do anything that feels forced. But I do hope that in the future a collaboration with Bruno Mars or Cardi B, that would make sense to me. I would love if something like that could happen. A beautiful, amazing record could be born from us.


Yeah, amazing. Anything else you want to throw out there and get fans excited about, coming up for the rest of the year? Maybe next year?

Chilli: Well, a lot of stuff I can't really talk about at this moment in time, but I would love to talk to you again later! I want everybody to know that we're working very hard creatively to make sure that they are very, very excited and hyped up during the TLC concert and after. I mean we can't wait to hit the road. Cannot wait.


Photo Credit: Chilli

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