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The Grammy nominations were unveiled earlier this month, and quite a few artists were named for the first time, while others who have been nominated previously, but who didn’t go home with a piece of gold, now have another shot at a prize. One such act is Sofi Tukker, a duo from New York City that has proven themselves to be one of the most exciting new talents in the dance world...and the Recording Academy (the group behind the Grammys) agrees.

Sofi Tukker surprised many when they scored their first nomination two years ago for their breakout hit “Drinkee,” which catapulted them to electronic dance fame. Now, their debut full-length Treehouse has earned them a second nod for Best Electronic/Dance Album, and they have a good shot at winning the honor at the upcoming ceremony.

The duo talks about their new nomination, how they heard the news, and what they have coming next (dance music doesn’t move slowly, after all).

Congrats on the Grammy nomination! How does it feel to be nominated once again?

It still feels absolutely absurd and surreal in the best way! It's really such an honor.


How did you find out you were nominated?

We woke up to a text from our manager!


What did you guys do to celebrate?

We threw an Animal Talk party that night in Miami!


Your style blends so many different genres, and it's not enough to call it just "electronic." Do you have a name for the music you make?

We tend not to give it a name! We usually just say "dance music" and feel free to be inspired by every genre!


Your album was released earlier in 2018--do you know what 2019 will bring?

Sooooo much more music! We are so excited. We are beginning a new phase early 2019 and we really couldn't be more excited.


What will you do if you end up winning the Grammy?

Probably throw another Animal Talk party! And Soph will probably definitely cry.

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