Maggie Lindemann Interview With CEEK VR!

Maggie Lindemann Interview With CEEK VR!

For years now, some of the most successful rising talents in the music world have crossed over from being social media stars. Once they have an audience built and devoted, getting them interested in whatever else they may want to do, be it acting, designing, modeling, or even music, can be much easier than someone kicking things off as an artist with no followers. Record labels have paid attention to this trend, and at this point, there are almost too many names to keep track of who have successfully managed this feat.

One musician worth keeping on your radar who originally enjoyed social fame (before any of the music arrived) is Maggie Lindemann, a young pop act who is already rising on charts around the world. She broke in a big way a few years back with her easy-to-love pop tune “Pretty Girl,” which broke into the top 10 in a number of countries (such as the U.K.) and which has already racked up tens of millions of plays online.

Now, Lindemann is experimenting with a new sound, and she’s gearing up to release her debut album. I spoke with the 20-year-old about her new cuts and what’s next for the emerging talent.

Love your new single "Friends Go"--tell me about the meaning behind it.

Maggie Lindemann: Thank you! It’s about being so caught up in someone or something else that isn’t good for you, and your friends trying to be supportive, let you know that you shouldn’t be doing this. But at the end of the day you’ll do what you want, and sometimes you can be blinded and not realize, and as a result your friends start to distance themselves.


"Friends Go" sounds very different from your breakout hit "Pretty Girl"--why the change in sound?

Lindemann: So we made “Pretty Girl” when I was 17, and I’m 20 now. I think at the time it was really relevant to my life, but I’m just a totally different person now. I’m coming into my sound and experimenting. I love ska and trumpets and electric guitar, so I thought they would be really good things to incorporate into my sound.


 Is it true you learned to play guitar for this new song. Why was it important for you to play on this tune?

Lindemann: I’ve actually been playing the guitar in the studio for a while. We start out most songs on guitar or piano in the studio! I’ve always loved the guitar and thought it’d be so cool to actually play in a song and tour playing live!


You've been releasing a new single every six months or so pretty consistently. Do you have plans for an EP or an album at some point?

Lindemann: Yes!! I’m working on a bigger project and have been for a little while. I’m really picky when it comes to my music so I’ve been making sure it’s perfect, but it’s close!


You got your start on Instagram, right? Tell me how you first started creating music.

Lindemann: I actually started first on Tumblr! I was posting singing videos online, but I didn’t know it could become an actual career until my (now) manager saw a video of me singing and actually believed in me!


You just wrapped touring with Sabrina Carpenter. What was that experience like?

Lindemann: It was so beyond perfect. She’s so sweet and her fans were really good to me. Opening up for someone else can always be a little scary because you never know if their fans will like you, but it went so well. Sad it had to end!


Any plans to tour on your own?

Lindemann: YES! I’ve been working on plans for my own tour for quite a while actually. I have a lot of cool ideas and am definitely hoping for that soon.


What does the rest of 2019 bring for Maggie Lindemann?

Lindemann: A lot of new music, a bigger project, and hopefully my own tour! Stay tuned, I’m just getting started!


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