Dinah Jane (of Fifth Harmony) Exclusive Interview With CEEK VR!


Since the five members of internationally-adored pop vocal group Fifth Harmony went their separate ways (with Camila Cabello dipping out before they had even finished their final album), all of them have scored record deals and started dabbling with what their solo careers might look, feel, and sound like. Some have yet to release their proper first single under their own names, but now three of the five are in the midst of solo stardom, with Dinah Jane being the latest to join that group.

The singer just recently unveiled her debut single as a lead artist, “Bottled Up” with fellow artists Marc E. Bassy and Ty Dolla $ign, and she’s poised to transfer the success she found as this generation’s most accomplished girl group into a new career where she’s the star. She has stiff competition in the form of Cabello and Normani, both of whom have already collected top 10 hits, and it won’t be long before Lauren Jauregui and Ally Brooke also share music and kick off solo ventures...but from the sound of things, Jane isn’t worried.

This is what the pop star said about “Bottled Up,” expectations, and what it feels like to finally be on her own.

Your single is out now and you’re waiting to see what it does. Fifth Harmony was so successful in so many ways—do you have any expectations for yourself for your solo music? Do the people you're working with have expectations?

I always tell the people I create with in the studio to "take me to the stage." Most of my songs give you an idea of what a live show with Dinah Jane would be like, and that's where I feel like I’m my best, true self—when I'm on stage performing in front of a huge crowd. There's just this power that just overtakes me as I'm performing, and I picture myself in that environment as I'm in the booth, in this little, dark room. I feel bigger than myself sometimes, so stuff like that...and really good vibes.

When you're approaching making this music, are you thinking about only what you want to do, or do you keep in mind what Fifth Harmony fans might be looking for? How do you balance what they're expecting with the direction you want to go in?
Jane: Honestly, I'm just expanding my fan base. I am appreciative of the fans that are still following me from Fifth Harmony until now, so my growth is just exceeding from here on out, and my fan base will just continue to expand as well. If you get to know me, my personality and my music, you start to see a different side to me, and I hope to cater to people that have gone through the same things, or who can relate to me, or just vibe with what I'm creating.

You're signed to HitCo, right?

How's working with L.A. Reid?
Oh my gosh. I just had dinner with him right before Jimmy Fallon, with him and my whole team, and it was the best experience ever. I've known him for six years now, as I was on X Factor, and I remember him having that excitement when I performed “If I Were a Boy” at the age of 15, on stage, and out of everyone on the panel, he was so into me as far as performing it with me, bobbing his head, putting his hand in the air. It was the best thing ever and he was already cheering me on. Now, fast-forward six or seven years later, he still has that same excitement. It means the absolute most when someone believes in you so much and is rooting for you and wants the best for you. It means the world.

On top of that, he allows me to create whatever I want and he lets me have a say. He's like, "Alright, you're the boss. You do what you want. Let me know and we'll just follow you." To be given that power, I'm in total shock. Like, wow! I've never felt this way before! I'm telling you what to do? This is amazing! So it's a mutual respect, and I look at him as an artist, as well. Yeah, we work well together.

What's the rest of the year look like for you?
The rest of the year could be filled with some little gifts, some little surprises, so just stay tuned and I'll just tell you, "I told you so."

Willing to wait, willing to wait and see, willing to hear what you have.
Yay! I can't wait myself, because I'm terrible at secrets. I really am, and I just might accidentally slip up one of these days, so just look out for my little big mouth, blasting myself.

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