Rydyr 360 VR Concert and Live Interview

Ryder joined CEEK VR in the heart of Hollywood! Being a VR enthusiast, he was as excited as we sat down with him. Ryder describes his sound as a blend of rock, pop, hip hop and electronic music.


CEEKERS will get to know him more as he talks about his upbringing in Dallas, TX and the transition from his hometown to Los Angeles, California.  Since moving to LA, he has been writing and producing with artists from BADPINK STUDIOS.


He reveals his choir background and how it propelled him into his music career. Ryder also tells of his inspirations and influences speaking on his relationship with experienced producer Zakk Cervini, who worked with BLINK 182, and the impact he has had on his career.


With exciting new music on the way, Ryder gave us a LIVE acoustic performance of his single “Jane” and an exclusive listen to his unreleased song “Dream Alone”.


This will be a unique opportunity for CEEKERS to hear Ryder and his versatile deluxe blend of sound.


CategoryVR Concerts, Virtual Reality Concerts, 360 VR Live Performance
StudioCEEK VR Studios

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