(360 Video Available on the CEEK VR App) MKTO is back! The International classy hit makers Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller have returned with more jams! And the duo are on Fire! 

After tearing up the pop charts with their 3 times platinum banger titled “Classic”, a classic indeed that will never go out of style! They’ve decided to bring us their latest cool melody “How Can I Forget You”  And believe us this one is Wavey!... 

Now we have the inside scoop on their reunion! And the vibes are so Epic as MKTO enters the Ceek studios to give us an exclusive tell all!  An in-depth interview unlike they’ve ever experienced! Then after check out MKTO step to the Mic and rock out in 360 to their super hit “Classic” and for the first time performing live their new single “How Can I Forget You!”  Enjoy MKTO live in 360! Can you believe it! MKTO is back for the World! Dreams do come true.. only on Ceek VR!


CategoryVR Concerts, Music Concerts
StudioCEEK Studios

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