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Chapter 1 - The First Snowfall featuring When I Was a Little Girl by Gwen Stefani

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A VRy Merry Experience’s musical soundtrack moves you through the eyes of the Clauses. Spatial Soundscapes capture and enhance the magical ambience of the north pole with subtle whooshes, gentle wind, tinkles and fire crackles in special and engulfing 360 spaces. 

William Nast type imagery of young Santa and Mrs. Santa looking up in wonder gazing at the northern lights. A young Mrs. Claus, age 5 in a blue coat walking in the snow. It’s young Santa’s neighbor. 

This song starts with subtle remembrance of an innocent first kiss, then slides us towards a romantic yet familiar past. The journey will take us through soft highlights with light textures evolving into strong imagery of romance with deep bright colors and red roses parallel to Santa's attire representing the bond among people.

Music by Gwen Stefani - Delicate brushstrokes and deep textures, evolve into strong imagery. 

Now available on:

Images Oculus
  • FORMAT: 360
  • DURATION: 1 minutes
  • CATEGORY: VR Concerts


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