The love story of Santa and Mrs. Claus majestically comes alive through meticulously hand painted and animated virtual reality art in a magical VR Sonata by CEEK. 


With Music by Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, One Republic, Jackson 5, Oliver and Mary j. Blige, A VR’Y MERRY EXPERIENCE is the ultimate celebration of the magic of the season with a unifying VR festivity through time and space. From their first meeting to the pain of his absence, plus journey into a dystopian future ruled by robots, where Santa is unwelcome, and a reunion that births a season of infinite love and goodwill.

The VR experience is a Christmas Story that unveils chapter by chapter as we go around the world with Mrs. and Mr. Claus. From the first snowfall when they first meet as young 5 year olds to lost loves and the reunion after a turbulent time. The songs selected for the Christmas VR experience are timeless hits that can be enjoyed by all.

You are taken on an “on rails” experience, with various effects as you move through, hover above and see life expand and contract along both time and space all in harmony with the music. Hop on a sled with CEEK and prepare to explore Christmas in an exciting new way.

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Chapter 1

The First Snowfall featuring When I Was a Little Girl by Gwen Stefani

William Nast type imagery of young Santa and Mrs. Santa looking up in wonder gazing at the northern lights. A young Mrs. Claus, age 5 in a blue coat walking in the snow. It’s young Santa’s neighbor. This song starts with subtle remembrance of an innocent first kiss, then slides us towards a romantic yet familiar past. The journey will take us through soft highlights with light textures evolving into strong imagery of romance with deep bright colors and red roses parallel to Santa's attire representing the bond among people.

Chapter 2

The Yearning featuring Christmas Without You by OneRepublic

Santa’s young bride wakes up on Christmas day full of guarded hopes of love with Santa,

She looks back at the empty bed. Santa’s gone. Memories of the good times with Santa enter her day dream. He leaves her imagination and is back at the door.

They are together again, finding ourselves in a place of nostalgia amongst muted hues like a Norman Rockwell painting. Santa leaves again for another holiday season and she’s broken hearted.

Chapter 3

The Giving featuring Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Jackson 5 

From Mrs. Santa’s door onto the streets, she sees Santa give his coat to the poor, spread goodwill and cheer. Her heart grows warmer as she begins to understand the purpose of Santa’s absence.

Classic lights dance with each step down these piano keys. With flowing imagery of candlelight, we step inside of the magic of the season as if gazing at the vast decorations in your old neighborhood. As if a faint memory, the images of Christmas' evolution paints around us.

Chapter 4

The Adaptation featuring The Christmas Song by Mary J. Blige

Enter a present-day Christmas, as you crawl down the chimney and out of the fireplace where Santa is at home leaving presents for Mrs. Claus. You see the milk, cookies, presents and the Décor in the cozy living room. You are taken through the through a celebration of Christmas by different families and peoples around the world.

With warmth from a fireplace, we are transported to old postcards from family friends. We peer out of the window hoping to see flying reindeer because the power of our imagination can make anything real.

Chapter 5

The Salvation featuring  Electrify by Oliver

Snowflake floating outward, enters north pole. Mr. & Ms. Claus Kiss. You see earth, satellites, Falcon Rocket descent. Moon orbits past Mars- Rovers/ Orbiters. Pull outward more and see solar system, past voyager Spacecraft. Learning our solar system- see earth as a pale blue dot, Milky Way, Galaxies upon Galaxies all collapsing to single source. We are back at the beginning of time. Exploding bang to darkness, then light. Images of reunion, soldier back his with his daughter, requited love, celebration and a new fresh season.

Chapter 6

The Infinite Featuring The Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga

Alas, as the concluding song of the journey, we exit our known existence in the snowflake to a surprising larger than life celebration full of richness from around the globe. Mr. & Ms. Claus renew their vows to bring goodwill to the world. We are back at the beginning of time. Images of reunion, requited love, harmony and a new fresh season of hope.

Now available on:

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