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Perfect Angle: Zen Edition

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Jeffrey Vadala Ph.D

VR App Reviews | May , 8th 2017

Perfect Angle: Zen Edition - A Virtual Zen Surprise

Perfect Angle: Zen Edition is a super calming virtual reality game that has beautiful graphics, zen-like piano music, and an interesting puzzle mechanics that may eventually drive you crazy. This game is free but the developers offer a premium version for 2.99 that remove many of the problematic aspects of the game which I discuss below. 


First and foremost, Perfect Angle: Zen Edition is a puzzle game, and secondly, a meditative virtual reality experience. I say this because the game's graphics, sound, and environments come together to provide an incredibly calming experience. Potentially, players could ignore the game’s puzzles and just sit in the pretty virtual reality environments while meditating and this would be enough for some.

That said, ignoring the game's clever puzzle mechanics would be a shame. The game offers a huge amount of puzzles for players to go through. It took me 4 days to get through half of the game’s content. As for the type of puzzles that players will be solving, they are “perspective” puzzles. They require players to line up a view of fragmented objects.

This is harder to explain and easier to see (the screenshots show this below). Sitting in the middle of each beautifully rendered room are fragmented objects that when viewed from the correct perspective appear a though they are whole. Because each puzzle only requires players to shift their perspective, this works very well in VR.

In my play through, there were many times that I couldn't tell what the fragmented object was supposed to be as a whole. To help players in these situations, a hint box is provided in the top left corner of the screen. Players are given limited hints unless they buy the premium version of the game. Avoiding the hints definitely makes the game more difficult and challenging. In certain levels, I found the puzzles down right impossibly difficult to surpass. This is because, in my opinion, the game unfairly throws extra random chunks of objects into the puzzle.


This game is gorgeous. Seriously it ranks as one of the prettier iPhone virtual reality games out there. This is probably because the virtual environment is fairly limited being that all the action takes place in one room. That said, players will find many nice graphical touches in this austere white room with a beautiful water pool. The developers went all out and put in god ray effects, shiny transparent reflective water effects, sharp textures, animating fish and butterflies, and many more lovely touches. The graphics are stupendous for a puzzle game and a huge reason to keep playing.


This is a great virtual reality game that attempts to do something different by providing players unique and calming puzzles. For the most part, the puzzles are great and the graphics are gorgeous. That said, there are some cheap puzzles that will push you to hit that hint button a bit too many times. Beyond working with VR headsets, Perfect Angle Zen Edition provides a non VR mode, a interesting augmented reality mode, and also a Apple TV version.

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