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Q3 CEEK Update and Q4 Outlook

Welcome to Q4. Q3 has been quite exciting. The CEEK mission to become the universal currency for digital media distribution, authentication and automatic publisher payments hasn’t changed. We aim to do so through bundled content solutions. As the leader and pioneering force behind mobile Virtual Reality entertainment, CEEK is making valuable contributions to the Virtual Reality and Blockchain ecosystem.

Over the next few months our goal is completing key blockchain integrations, aggressive subscriber growth to drive token utility and value, acquiring brand and advertising partners that can be organically integrated into content and major distribution telecom platforms like TMobile and distribution partners like Microsoft Mixed Reality Headsets.

We continue to focus closely on VR entertainment, primarily music, as it is a clear leader for us, and the fastest way to fuel explosive growth and adoption of virtual reality and cryptocurrencies. It’s been a grueling last few months, but we have made tremendous strides.

In the past few months, we have deepened alliances as well-made new ones. We are finalizing our educational project with Facebook’s Oculus VR, have upcoming exclusive releases with Orlando Magic, World of Dance and have captured and acquired content from over 100 major and independent artists for distribution on the CEEK VR platform. Many of the artists will have direct participation in promoting and or endorse CEEK on their social media and other outlets.

Production of Hollywood Rooftop with famed legendary director Brett Leonard wrapped up. The ground-breaking series is currently in post-production with a 2019 release date. The 360 VR series will premiere exclusively on CEEK VR with the theatrical version planned for movie theatres.

The CEEK smart contract has been certified by Hosho to be among the highest standard in the industry.

• The CEEK Blockchain Explorer has been completed with rigorous tests ongoing now.

• The CEEK PoS MasterNode which will grant token holders rights to help maintain the network and receive rewards in return is in development. We are excited to announce that we are developing an innovative MasterNode Exchange which will also give users rights to trade their CEEK Masternode within the CEEK ecosystem. All other systems will not be authorized to stake and sell CEEK Masternodes. Full technical documentation will be released soon.

• Voting – Q3 saw the completion of our blockchain voting feature which we are in discussions with MAJOR TV and AWARD shows to integrate as a replacement for traditional voting. We are working with potential partners with tens of millions of votes and believe that this will become a massive demand generator for CEEK tokens. Imagine in-app purchases that enable voting on mobile for shows like X-Factor and American Idol.

• New Website – We have recently launched the newly designed website with an updated framework to accommodate integration of blockchain in the CEEK infrastructure. This is particularly important as we integrate tokens on the CEEK Smart TV and mobile App.

• Updated App – We have released CEEK VR App Version 2.3.4 with new API’s for token integration. There have been several updates including developing innovative fixes and work arounds for issues arising from the recent Google VR SDK update, adding channels etc.


What’s Ahead for Q4 and 2019

Q4 will see the release of several innovative CEEK products to enhance the content viewing experience.

• CEEK Patent Awarded 4d Advanced Headphones (PATENT NO. US 9,645,648 B2) with powerful Cinematic multi-dimensional soundscapes, low power, high quality interactive sound. Certifications including RoHS2.0, REACH, FCC and 10 others are currently in progress.


• 2 New VR Headsets – A CEEK Gold VR Headset and a VR/AR Headset. 


• Space Kids - An Augmented Reality (AR) Application for one of our children’s museum partners that we look to expand to schools. 


• For 2019, we already have artists with combined fanbase of over 100 Million in final stage of agreements to create “Megadeth” type VR Bundles. We anticipate exponential sales.

Congratulations to the team for an incredible quarter. We look forward to a great quarter. Thanks for your continued support.



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