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CEEK VR Successfully Completes 4D Advanced Audio Headphone Device Certifications

CEEK VR is excited to announce the completion of various certifications for our innovative 4D Audio Headphones including the following BQB, FCC, IC, RED(CE), ROHS2.0, WEEE, PROP65(CA65), REACH and Safe report for Sea and Air Transport.  The CEEK VR 4D Headphones (PATENT#: 9,645,648 B2) is the World’s First Smart Headphones for Virtual Reality, Gaming, Music, Movies, Sports and more. The headphones are available in black and gold and will retail for $249.99. 


Certification Summary for CEEK 4D Advanced Headphones Gold and Black


✔︎ BQB_SIG DID - Global    
All products using Bluetooth technology or using Bluetooth logo, you must get BQB certification. 


✔︎ BQB Initial Certification Test - Global   
All new Bluetooth products using Bluetooth module that haven't been BQB certified, must be tested by a qualified test organization. 


✔︎ FCC - USA   
Any wireless product that enters the USA market must have FCC certification. FCC is a mandatory certification.


✔︎ RED (CE) - EU   
CE is a safety certification for any product that enters the EU market. CE is a mandatory certification. RED is under CE certification. RED is a certification for wireless product. CE logo must be marked on product.


✔︎ IC-ID - Canada   
Any electronics product which enters into Canada marketing must have IC certification. For wireless headphones, it must have IC ID mark on the product.


✔︎ RoHS2.0 - EU   
RoHS is a mandatory restriction of EU, it's a regulation for controlled hazardous substances in all product. Any product that enters EU marketing must be RoHS compliant.  


✔︎ WEEE - EU   
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) directive is an EU Certification for any electrical or electronic equipment product which enters the EU. must be register its product info in EU. WEEE Product must be marked with a garbage can logo. Products with WEEE logo should be thrown into a specified garbage can when user want to discard the product.


✔︎ Prop 65 - USA
Prop65 is a mandatory regulation from California. It's a regulation for control of carcinogenic substances in all products. 


✔︎ REACH - EU   
REGULATION concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals is (REACH) It is not a mandatory regulation from EU. But many markets and online shops in EU need merchandise with REACH compliance.


✔︎ Safe test for transport by sea and air - Global
In order to ship goods containing batteries by sea or by air, a safety report must be provided to carriers and customs.

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