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Hollywood Rooftop

Grab your popcorn Ceekers! We are going to the movies Ceek VR style! The Ceek VR team was excited to catch up with legendary director writer and producer Brett Leonard at our state-of-the-art constructed film set he endearingly calls the Dome in the filmmaking heart of Los Angeles, California to see just how our latest virtual reality movie endeavor “Hollywood Rooftop” is coming along... and to check out the Behind The Scenes action on this history in the making film project. 

Ceek VR founder and Hollywood Rooftop Executive. Producer Mary Spio joined forces with the iconic filmmaker Brett Leonard to make this new theatrical storytelling medium possible. 

Spio trail-blazed her own path in digital filmmaking in assisting to create the technical standard for digital film distribution and is breaking ground once again by teaming up with Mr. Leonard who in 1992 was light years ahead of the game igniting the VR movement in film by directing writing and releasing the cult classic film “Lawnmower Man” starring Pierce Brosnan and Jeff Fahey

Together these two vanguards, have boarded the VR lightship and are about to change the movie world again in the movie watching experience.

Ceekers will get a chance to get high above the stars on a Hollywood Rooftop to experience this ground-breaking series in 2019. 

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